About Us

I started stitching cross stitch kits from designs over 30 years ago and was immediately hooked!  I discovered there were some beautiful designs available, had great fun stitching them, and was so pleased with them that I framed them and hung them on my walls at home.  Some of the first ones I stitched are still hung in my living room!

Then I discovered it was possible to have a kit made from my own photographs.  At the time I could not find anyone in the UK who could do this and had to send my original photograph by post to Holland.  I had to wait a long time for my chart to arrive and had to obtain all the threads myself.  However, I was delighted with the results and wanted to do more.

I decided to find out how to create a kit myself rather than having to send my photographs abroad and wait ages for my charts.  I discovered that there was software available and got started!

Nowadays there are lots of websites offering kits and photo services and it is possible to scan your own photograph in and print off a chart to stitch.  You can also download design software so you can do everything yourself.  However, the results are not always what you would want them to be.  It is not easy to edit your photograph or the chart to produce a finished picture that you can be proud of and the software can be difficult to use.

So I decided to launch my own website offering a personal service making kits to order, helping people to get the results they want, tailored exactly to their needs.  The Internet is a great way to share knowledge, experience and skills!

 I would welcome your feedback as to what you would like to see. So feel free to e-mail me your comments, even if you are not ordering.

If you would like to order a photograph kit complete the online order form and we will get back to you with a quote. Price will depend on size and any editing involved but we will inform you of all the options so you will have the picture you want at a price that is right for you.

Or you can browse our own gallery of photos and other designs and order a ready-made kit to stitch.

Enjoy browsing!

Hilary Saxby

Example:  The cross stitch picture above was converted from a photograph of my Grandma.  In the original photo she is wearing glasses.  This could be edited it so that in the finished design she is not wearing them!