If you would like us to create a kit for you to stitch from your own photo or picture you will need to complete our order form. You can send us your photo by e-mail to or by post.  Don't forget to include your details so that we can tie it up with your order form.

We will then send you an estimate as soon as possible after we receive your order.  We will advise you of the best size for your finished picture, the type of fabric you should use, the number of threads and colours required and needle size.  We will also include any other recommendations such as picture editing.  We will be happy to discuss these with you if you wish at this juncture and re-invoice you if necessary.  Once you are happy with our estimate and we receive your payment we will proceed with your order and send you your kit by post.

Please ensure that you complete all the relevant fields on the order form, including your name and address.  If you include an e-mail address you will receive a quicker response from us.

If you have any specific requirements, such as the finished picture size, please include these on the order form and we can estimate the cost accordingly and advise you if we are able to meet your requirements.  Please include as much information as possible, such as any editing requirements, e.g. 'Please remove any creases and blemishes', 'Please remove the aeroplane in the sky above the house', 'Please remove the man in the  grey suit in the background', etc.  You might also want to specify colour ways, e.g. 'Please produce in sepia colours', or blue shades, etc. If you have any preference for fabric type, count size or colour, please include that on your order form, otherwise we will recommend a suitable fabric for your picture.

Do not worry if you are not sure as we will be able to advise you.  For example if you specify a very small size for the finished picture, we may be able to meet your requirements but will advise you that you may lose detail on your picture.  Generally, the bigger the picture, the more detail you will have in the finished picture and the more realistic the finished picture will be.  However, the larger the picture, the greater the cost as you will require more fabric, colours and lengths of threads. If you do not have any specific requirements it is not necessary to include any. 

It is not necessary to specify size unless you wish to.  We will recommend a size for you.

If you would prefer your kit to be a tapestry or embroidery please specify in the message box on the order form.  Otherwise we will assume you require a cross-stitch kit.

Your cross-stitch kit will include an easy-to-read chart with clear symbols 10 squares to an inch on A4 sheets (please note that your finished picture will not necessarily be this size!), appropriate fabric for your picture (usually 14 count aida), DMC threads, thread organisers to keep your threads tidy and a needle the right size for your fabric. It will also include an image of what your finished picture will look like and of course your original photograph returned to you unharmed, if you sent us a hard copy.

If you have any other queries please include these on your order form and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Please note that we will not accept any orders for pictures that contain inappropriate material.  Please also note that you are responsible for any copyright or privacy rights relating to any photographs or pictures that you send to us.  Please read our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

If you would like to place an order now click here or click on the order form tab at the top of the page.